We've worked really hard to create a menu that champions provenance, seasonality and sustainability whilst not affecting taste and variety. 

We've partnered with a number of small suppliers and local farmers to bring the finest ingredients to our kitchens and bars, before creating simple, bold food that's perfect for every palate and every occasions. 



At Candy & Green we are proud to say that we grow a lot of our produce in-house. We have a living wall and a 750 square foot rooftop garden where we cultivate our own herbs, microgreens, leafies and vegetables all year round. Not only does this let us control the quality and freshness of produce, but it also helps us be more sustainable as a business. Since we harvest from our own rooftop we eliminate the need for logistics - which basically means that our produce travels no miles! 

We're calling these Zero Mile, #CarbonFree ingredients.


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Cottage cheese steak

Even the most dedicated carnivores won't be disappointed with our hearty vegetarian steak made with two generous slabs of cottage cheese marinated with fresh herbs, served with spiced marinara sauce and house-grown greens.

Also a great option for the KETO and gluten-free diet!

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beetroot chips

These crunchy, fresh chips will fill you up whilst making you feel great! Thin strips of beet are deep-fried and tossed in our special in-house seasoning and served with a side of garlic and chive yogurt.  

A light snack, and great for our vegan and gluten-free patrons!

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bell pepper aND basil mARTINI

Combining the freshest peppers, a healthy yet hedonistic measure of vodka and the grassy kick of basil, this green and clean martini is the go to sundowner drink on the menu. 

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